Wet Friends
Adobe Illustrator, 2019-2022
Wet Friends is a "Route and Write" game in which you and up to three friends take turns exploring an ever-shifting coral reef to collect the most fishy friends. On your turn, play a tile to the board, modify an existing tile, and then move along the path you've created, marking any friends you pass over on your score card. But be careful, the tides are fickle and tiles will shift - sometimes, even in the middle of your run!
Key Features:
• Dynamic board-building means a virtually infinite number of possible variations.
• Players' paths intersect and build off one another, providing interaction for a fun and positive player experience.
• Special whirlpool tiles change direction whenever they're passed over, causing unexpected loops and chains.
• Accessible to all ages, while still providing intrigue for more experienced gamers.
Mechanics: Tile Placement - Set Collection - Hand Management - Route Building
Currently seeking a publisher!
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